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Introducing CFP Weight Loss Nashville’s proprietary proven weight loss plan utilizing FDA approved drugs, NASA inspired technology, and a unique diet that requires no exercise! On average, our patients lose 40 lbs!

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    When it comes to choosing medical weight loss clinic, don’t trust your body to just anyone.

    Proven Weight Loss Plan

    CFP Weight Loss has a new and innovative plan put together that requires no exercise! This plan works with most body types and has helped thousands of patients lose those stubborn pounds! Our plan mixes FDA Approved Weight Loss Drugs with NASA Inspired Technology and a diet that helps our patients lose an average of 40 lbs in 9 weeks.


    FDA Approved Drugs

    FDA approved weight loss drugs work through various mechanisms, like curbing appetite, reducing fat absorption, or mimicking gut hormones that influence satiety. However, these drugs are most effective when mixed with our NASA inspired technology and diet plan. It is very important to consult with our CFP Weight Loss physicians throughout your plan as they can assess your individual needs, potential risks, and suitability for such interventions.


    NASA Inspired Tech

    CFP Weight Loss Nashville uses NASA Inspired Technology to stimulate mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of cells, in fat tissue and increased production of ATP. Higher ATP levels increase cell activity and metabolism, leading to burning more calories and potentially reducing fat storage. Our technology also reduces inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity and aiding weight management. Increased blood flow to fat tissue also enhances nutrient delivery and waste removal, supporting fat metabolism.



    The CFP Weight Loss Diet program was designed to naturally reset your clients’ metabolism. It reduces inflammation on a cellular level, removes toxins and balances hormones, allowing the body to metabolize fat and maintain a healthy physiology. That is why we get fast and sustainable results.


    Body Contouring

    CFP Weight Loss Nashville offers the revolutionary Lipo Laser procedure that lets both women and men enjoy their desired figure and appearance without undergoing painful surgeries. This is the ONLY technology approved by the FDA that guarantees the reduction of fat for at least 1 inch in less than an hour of our first visit and over 3 inches upon the completion of the first treatment. No more excuses now!

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    CFP Weight Loss’s services are there in order to build a body you love and help you feel more attractive and proud of your physique.

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    Client testimonials

    It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of ours client testimonials.

    My husband and I were a bit skeptical in the beginning. We are both seeing results and are thrilled that we decided to give this a try! The staff answered every question that we had and are super friendly.
    Brandi Hall, 5-star Google Review

    Clarks Family Practice is wonderful! So far I have lost 14 lbs in a matter of no time. The service is superb and the staff are amazing!
    Diane Campbell, 5-star Google Review

    Working with the team at Clark Family Practice has been the most efficient experience. They are all very friendly and helpful. The weight loss program they offer has been honestly a life saver.
    Carmen McIntosh, 5-star Google Review


    Average Weight Loss Per Patient

    Our patients on average lose 40 lbs in 9 weeks!


    Years of Medical Experience

    Our Clinic Has Over 15 Years of Medical Experience!



    Our Technology and Weight Loss Plan Has Won 34 Awards!


    Happy Weight Loss Patients

    We have had well over 500 happy weight loss patients come through our clinic doors!

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