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Video Visits Available Now!

When you’re sick you don’t feel like getting dressed and driving to the doctor, or even worse, spreading possible germs to everyone you come in contact with. Receive immediate care from your home, office or on-the-go using your phone or computer.

If you have a web camera on your computer, or a smart phone capable of video conferencing, you can actually have the practitioner “see” you. So if you are trying to decide if that twisted ankle is just sprained or needs more serious attention, or a cut just needs a band aid or stitches, with video the practitioner can give you some instant direction. This service is awesome if you have a member of your household that might be a little accident prone.

So many people can benefit from our telemedicine service, including those who travel a lot, college students, germaphobes, rural households, working parents with small kids, people too busy or too far to easily get to the doctor, recently relocated individuals who have not found a local physician, or people who live in an underserved community would all benefit from a telemedicine service.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable
  • No Waiting Room
  • Convenient – Use your phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere
  • If you need further assessment the visit can be continued in our office at no additional cost

Commonly Treated Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Ear and eye infections
  • Severe sore throat
  • Allergies
  • Skin infections
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Minor burns
  • Animal and insect bites

How it works

Schedule Appointment

Click here to request your video visit online, or call our front desk to schedule: (615) 988-1109

Confirm Your Info

Look out for an email or text and log in to Kareo to confirm your info using your favorite device

See Your Doctor

Log in 15 minutes before your video visit and come prepared with questions for your doctor

Use the Kareo telemedicine app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Book your video visit now

Video visits are great for...

Follow-Up Visits

Medication Questions

Lab & Test Results

General Questions

Video appointments make seeing your doctor fast and easy

“This is such a fantastic idea! The video is high-quality and so easy to set up. Great for the doctor and the patient for keeping in touch and monitoring treatment. Saves a LOT of gas.”
Satisfied Patient
“After having already established a rapport with my doctor, this provides a much more efficient way to follow-up. I can’t even imagine going to a random doctor through a service like Teladoc!”
Satisfied Patient
“Being the parent of two special needs children this is an amazing technology that will enable us to have a doctor available in our house to help make decisions about the care of our daughters. Absolutely fantastic idea.”
Satisfied Patient

Tips for a great video visit

Please log in 15 minutes before your appointment.

Have questions? We’re here to help you through every step!

1. Check internet connection

Wi-Fi or a wired connection is strongly preferred for a great video visit experience.

2. Use headphones

This will help cut down on background noise and keep the conversation with your doctor private.

3. Hold tight!

Sometimes we run a few minutes behind, just like in the office. Feel free to check Facebook or email while you’re waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a video visit?

Click here to request your video visit online, or call our office directly to schedule: (615) 988-1109

How much will my visit cost?

Video visits are typically covered by your regular health insurance – you’ll enter a credit card before the appointment and will be charged the same co-pay as an in-person visit.

Which devices can I use for my video visit?

You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices). Search for “Kareo” in the app store on your mobile device, or click here to log in on your computer.

Is my video visit secure?

Yes! The video technology uses bank-grade encryption. However, make sure you find a quiet, private place in your home or office for your appointment.

Book your video visit now

Meet our technology partner

Our friends at Kareo Telemedicine are available to answer any technical questions you may have. You can chat with their support team directly in the app (web & mobile) or contact them with the info below.

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