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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I get the same questions over and over again. Seems like if you are on this page you might have a question as well. Feel free to call me at 615-988-1109 or email me at

 It simply means that you hire me directly to provide your primary care and we bypass the insurance company. This saves me time and hassle, and it allows you and your family to get high quality healthcare at a very affordable price.

 Yes. We use Suremed Compliance and use a 3rd party Compliance testing company to assure that we are following all state and federal guidelines and recommendations. Our Pain Management Clinic is on Fridays and all Compliance labs are billed directly from the Lab and are the additional responsibility of the patient to make sure their labs are paid in full each month to continue services with our clinic.

Telemedicine quite simply stated is the greatest advancement in healthcare in the past 50 years. It allows me to help you right over the phone, and have your prescriptions phoned right to your pharmacy of choice. If you are too sick to come see me, or you are traveling around the country, or at work, or at school, you can simply call our clinic and arrange a Telemedicine visit using your computer, iphone, or just good ol fashioned telephone. Now the prescriptions that I write have to be filled in the State of Tennessee, but other than that, you personally, can be anywhere.

We have pioneered this strategy to take you slowly down off of your chronic opiate/benzo therapy. The greatest risk of death is the combination of these two classes of drugs. Not to mention, as you get older and cross over the 65 line into Medicare, you will NO longer be able to be prescribed both of these meds. So instead of just taking you from Hero to ZERO, we bring you down slowly with a very specific strategy that has been proven to work over and over. You have to be willing to come down off of these powerful drugs, but we can help you the rest of the way. Finally a way for you to get off of them, because you and I both know you need to be off of them eventually.

If you have any further questions, please send us a message.

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